Dispensing Prescription Medicines

Offering professional advice on prescriptions and medication

Collingwood Street PharmacyThere are many benefits in having one Nelson pharmacy provide all your medicines.

Apart from being able to develop a personal rapport with your pharmacist, your pharmacist can get to know about your health care requirements. This means we are able to monitor the medicines and treatments you have been prescribed and alert you to any potential issues that you, or your health care professional, may need to know about.

We take the time to explain the most effective way to take your medicines so that you receive the quickest benefit. You will receive caring and personal advice from our professional pharmacists.

Our services to you:

  • Dispensing prescription medicines.
  • Professional advice about the medicines you have been prescribed.
  • Maintaining a medication profile, with a list of medicines you have been prescribed.
  • Reporting any significant findings about your medicines to you and the health care professional who wrote the prescription. (This is our professional obligation, in the interests of your safety. This is done in a completely confidential manner.)
  • Medicine delivery. If you are unable to come into the pharmacy to collect your medicines, we will deliver your medicine to you. There may be a charge for this service. Due to safety reasons we cannot leave medicines at your home if no-one is there to receive them.
  • Medicine adherence review.

Where to find Collingwood Street Pharmacy in Nelson

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